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April 2, 2014

Spring Makeup


Spring Makeup 2014


  • Orange is the go to lip color for this Spring Season.  Now don’t worry, if you don’t like orange or can’t wear it, you can cheat by staying more coral. The key is to keep it bright. 
  • Eyeliner is in in a big way in everyway.  The liquid liner with a wing is big this season to achieve the cat eye look.  If this is not for you, try pencil liner around the eyes and then setting it with a shadow color of choice. You can layer your eyeliner as well.  Wear one color on the outside and another complimentary color on the inside of the eye.
  • Pastels are a hit on the eyes as shadow, especially blue.  Now don’t be scared of color, it is how you wear that makes it work.  If blue is not your thing, try a rosy pastel, a peach or lime are also great choices.
  • Eyebrows are always very important at Donna Kelly Makeup and this year, the runway looks agreed.  Brows should be properly defined and brought to attention in every look.


Show off Those Golden Arches

Eyebrows are the most important brush stroke on the entire face. 

They can open up and frame an eye.  A good strong brow is very in this season.  Be sure to get them shaped and dress them up with a little brow powder to show off those arches.



Here are some examples of how to make runway looks wearable for everyday and for every woman.


Layer Your Eyeliner

Small Amy Face

Layering your eyeliner is very easy to do as shown here.  We have kept the eye shadows neutral and the brows defined.  But the emphasis is on the eyes.  We lined the eyes in black pencil and then set it with Jungle shadow (a very strong sparkly green shade).  Then we lined inside the eye with a navy liner, top and bottom to enhance the lash bed from both sides.  Blush is very soft as to not compete with the eyes.  Sheer Blush by Donna Kelly Makeup is the perfect shade for this.  The lips are kept almost nude by using a simple Vitamin E Stick and then layer Sand Lip liner over it to fill in the lip.


How to Get this Look

jpgLiner SpringCrop

Start with the white Eye Fix for the eye shadow base.  Fill in the brows with a brow powder that blends in with your natural hair color.

  1. Apply Sand-N-Surf shadow all over the eyelid generously.
  2. Apply Baby Brown shadow to contour the brow bone.
  3. Line the eyes with black pencil and then smudge it. 
  4. Layer Jungle shadow over it top and bottom.
  5. Line the inside of the eyes with Navy pencil liner.
  6. Use concealer to clean up any fallen shadow and cover circles.  Set the concealer with White Lite Highlighter and highlight the cheekbones and temple.
  7. Smile and apply Sheer blush color 


Curl the lashes and finish the eyes with black mascara.

Lips:  Apply Vitamin E stick generously to the lips.  Use Sand lip liner to fill in the lip for just a hint of color.

 Orange is the new Red

The lips take the center stage here with an orange lipstick and balanced with a strong eyebrow.   The eyes are also done in orangey shades to compliment along with a matching blush.  It is a colorwash of orange.  A colorwash is what we call it when you wear the same color throughout the face. 

The eyes are lined with liquid liner to create a subtle wing.  The liner is also joined in the outer corner and fades  underneath  Enhancing the inside of the eye with a white eyeliner pencil is a great trick to bring out deep set eyes.

How to Get this Look


Start with the white Eye Fix for the eye shadow base.  Fill in the brows with a brow powder that blends in with your natural hair color.

  1. Apply Baby Brown shadow all over the lower eyelid.
  2. Apply Oh My Orange shadow to contour the brow bone.
  3. Keep it light under the eyebrow with White Lite Highlighter.
  4. Line the eyes with a liquid black liner to create a slight wing tip. 
  5. Use concealer to clean up any shadow mess.
  6. Set the concealer and highlight the cheekbones and temple area with White Lite Highlighter.
  7. Smile and apply Cantaloupe blush  

 Curl the lashes and apply Black Mascara.

Apply the Lip Fix Neutralizer to the lips as a base.  This is great to help prevent bleeding and your color will where longer.  Line the lips generously with Deep Coral lip liner.  Apply Mineral Lipstick in Persimmon to fill in the rest of the lip.  Add Vitamin E on top if you want a little shine.



It’s a Blue Thing

Blue is back!  I know it sounds scary but it doesn’t have to be.  It’s all about how you where it.  Here we put a pastel blue shadow all over the lid leaving it light under the eyebrow.  I lined the eyes with a liquid black liner bringing it out in the corner.  Then applying white eyeliner inside the eye to open it up.  The cheeks are a soft pink .  The lips are a bright coral color.  In know in words it sounds a little Barbie, but the picture says it all.  

How to get this Look

Start with the white Eye Fix for the eye shadow base.  Fill in the brows with a brow powder that blends in with your natural hair color.

  1. Apply Blue Bayou shadow all over the lower eyelid and to contour the brow bone.
  2. Keep it light under the eyebrow with White Lite Highlighter.
  3. Line the eyes with a liquid black liner to create a slight wing tip. 
  4. Use concealer to clean up any shadow mess.
  5. Set the concealer and highlight the cheekbones and temple area with White Lite Highlighter.
  6. Smile and apply Pink Mirage blush softly to the apple of the cheeks. 

Curl the lashes and apply Black Mascara.

Apply the Lip Fix Neutralizer to the lips as a base.  This is great to help prevent bleeding and your color will where longer.  Line the lips generously with Raspberry lip liner.  Apply Mineral Lipstick in Just Coral to fill in the rest of the lip.  Add Vitamin E on top if you want a little shine.

Add a little drama in your life


For evening, try adding some individual false lashes and apply Midnight Blue shadow to contour the brow bone and connect with the liner.


Come on in for a Color Session and see which look is right for you this season!

August 8, 2013

Mineral Makeup for Skin Problems

The foundation I find that works best for everyone is mineral powder foundation.  I highly recommend a mineral powder foundation for most skin issues like rosacea and psoriasis.  

A good mineral foundation powder is 

  • Hypoallergenic
  • Noncomedogenic
  • Total and complete sunblock without the chemicals.  (Main ingredients is Zinc Oxide)
  • Smudge proof and water resistant
  • Natural anti-inflammatory
  • Reduces redness in the skin over time (great for rosacea and other skin disorders)
  • Reflects like so it minimizes the appearance of fine lines and pores. 

Mineral foundation works with your body heat to create the coverage versus liquid or creams that melt on your face.  Mineral powder should wear throughout the day without the need of touchup.  An added bonus is that it contains all the sunscreen you need throughout the day, pure zinc.  My clients have claimed that they don't itch as much with it like they do with other foundations.

Many people are afraid of using powders on their face thinking it is going to make them look older.  That is false when using a mineral powder.  Once it has warmed up on your skin, it leaves a very natural finish on the face.


Beware of the mineral powder foundations that contain too much Bismuth in them. Bismuth is the by-product of lead and copper, as well as other metals.  A lot of companies (which shall remain nameless) use this as a filler because it is cheap and it allows them to reduce their selling price.  You get what you pay for.   It does have binding qualities which help the makeup stick to your skin.  

Because of its molecular makeup, Bismuth can leave a sheen on your face and you will notice a pearlescent look after applying your makeup.  You can look oily and shimmery.  Some say they look almost silver in a picture.  This is something you definitely don't want to wear on top of sweat while living in Florida :).  Bismuth is a very heavy element that can result in clogged pores or irritated skin.


I custom blend a mineral foundation to match your skin tone and skin care MineralFoundation2needs.  I can control the coverage, moisture, oil control, firming, and skin lightening for hyper pigmentation.   I keep formulas for people so I can ship it to where ever they are in the United States.  I have had customers send me their picture and let me know what they are currently wearing and I am able to custom blend their formula for them.  Powders are very forgiving when custom blending. 

Why would you wear anything else?  Makeup is usually on your face all day long.  You should at least use something that is good for you as well as look good. 

August 2, 2013

Summer Makeup & Color Theory

The summer sun is bright in Florida and so are the colors that people wear.  This is great if you are wearing the right colors for you.  Just because you like to wear blue and pink does not mean it belongs on your eyes.

The best makeup applications are when you don’t notice the makeup, but when you notice the effect of the makeup.  Nothing is worse when someone says they really like your turquoise eyeliner or your fuscia lipstick you are wearing.  If they are commenting on the colors of makeup you are wearing, then you are wearing the wrong color.  You are showing off the makeup instead of the makeup showing you off.

This is where the theory of color comes in.  Here are some basic rules of thumb: 

No matchy matchy

Don’t match your eyeshadow or eyeliner with your eye color.  If you want to show off your eyes, then use a complimentary color.  Complimentary colors are opposite colors on the color wheel.  For example, the opposite of blue is Colorwheeorange.  If you have blue eyes, wear a warm tone to show them off.  Browns, blacks and coral colors will really bring out the blue in your eyes.  Don’t wear blue eyeliner.  You will end up just showing off the eyeliner.  The blues will be competing for attention and the eyeliner will win.  The opposite of Green is Red.  If you have green eyes, don’t wear green eyeshadow.  Wear colors with a red undertone.  Burgundy, a red brown, and pinks are all great colors for green eyes.  Brown eyes look good with blues, purples or greens.  If you have brown eyes and want to show them off, don’t wear brown eyeliner.

If you are wearing a blue dress and you have blue eyes, you don’t have to wear blue eyeshadow to match the dress.  Wear browns or corals to show off your blue eyes.  That way the dress will be complementing your blue eyes and everything will balance out.

Define with color

Using the right colors can bring definition to the face.  By using contrasting colors you can bring out clarity.  So if you have green eyes, wear a burgundy eyeliner and/or shadow close to the lashes.  But start with a light cream color all over the eyelid.  That way the burgundy will look clear in color next to the  light shade. This way you are also highlighting the eye area and it will appear brighter.  Don’t be afraid to use light and dark shades together.  If you use the same shades of color all over the eye area, you will lose definition and it can look washed out.

Amanda Eye 1         Amanda Eye 2

Color is your friend   

Good friends always bring out the best in us.  So will good colors.  Now I am not saying don’t wear fun colors, it is just how you wear them.  Colors can complement other colors just like they can complement your eyes.  It is OK to mix a purple with a gold.  This is a great combo for green eyes.  It is OK to mix a blue with an orange.  This is great for brown eyes.  Have fun with your makeup. Just don’t let your makeup take over. 


August 1, 2013

Long Lasting Lips Step 5

I know I am a little late in writing this one but it is worth the wait.  

Step 5 is to moisturize and add shine.  You don't need a lipgloss to do this. Most people apply too much lipgloss and then  you will lose definition of the lip and it will cause your lipstick to wear off more quickly and run.  All of our hard work in steps 1 through 4 would become a waiste of time.  

My favorite way to add a little shine to the lips is to use a clear Vitamin E Stick.  Just use your lip brush and apply a little in the center of the lips.  Don't appply anything too moist too close to the lip line.  It will  naturally run once it warms up with your body heat.  Using a Vitamin E Stick will apply shine, moisture and protect your lips.  

Another great trick is to use the Vitamin E Stick to reapply during the day instead of your lipstick.  If you have correctly done steps 1 through 4 you should till have color on your lips.  If you do, you don't really need to reapply more.  Sometimes lipstick will dry up on our lips and rest in the lines of the lips, especially if they are dry and chapped.  If you reapply color, it will just build up and look gross.  If you reapply with a Vitamin E Stick, it will redistribute the color underneath and make it look fresh again.


Now remember, the drier something is the longer it will last.  The more moisture you wear on top of your lipstick, the more likely it will wear off sooner than later.  If you don't already have a Vitamin E Stick, you're in luck!  I carry them for $18.00.

June 9, 2013

Long Lasting Lips, Step 3 & 4

Step 3

Apply your lipstick with a lip brush.  A lipstick is not shaped like our lips so we don't want to mess up our lip line that we just created by applying lipstick straight from the tube.  Plus, when we apply lipstick straight from the tube, we tend to keep rubbing it back and forth.  This is just warming up a creamy product which will encourage it to run.  We also tend to put on too much.  If we apply a lipstick with a lip brush, we will use less lipstick.  Also, it will wear longer because we have a chance to work it into the lip and over our lip liner.  We won't have all of these extra coats of lipstick that have no where to go but off.

Applying your lipstick with a lip brush is also much more sanitary.  It is much easier and quicker to sanitize your lip brush than it is a tube of lipstick.  However, it is possible to clean your actual lipstick if needed.

To keep your lipstick tube clean, use a spatula to scoop off the top layer and then use that with your lip brush to apply your lipstick.  I know, that sounds like a pain.  I agree.  Another way is to soak your lipstick in alcohol for 10 minutes. It needs the full 10 minutes.  This will totally clean and disinfect your lipstick tube and you can use it again right away.

Product Highlight

Retractable Lip Brush 

LipBrushA retractable lip brush is a great tool to have.  What I love about it is that you can load up your wand with your favorite lip color or balm and retract it.  Now it will very easily fit in your pocket and all you have to do is pull it out and open it up and tada, you have lips again.  


Step 4

Blot and set your lipstick.  Take a clean tissue and blot your lipstick real well. Next, apply a little translucent powder with a sponge directly over the lipstick and dust off the excess with a brush.  The old rule of thumb in makeup is to set all your creams with powder.  Lipstick is a cream so set it with powder.  Sounds crazy, I know, but it works!  This creates a stain of color on your lips.  So throughout the day when you feel like your lips are dry, you can be confident that at least you still have lip color on.

Then, repeat steps 2 and 3 for shine and volume.  Line your lips again, blend it and then apply your lip color one more time.  When you layer it, color will last longer.  

Now I know your lips feel pretty dry right now.  The drier something is, the longer it will last.  That is why matte lipsticks wear longer.  

But stay tuned to Step 5 and we will solve that problem.