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Bridal Services are available in Studio or on Location.  

Every makeup application done in my studio is $100 regardless of the ocasion.  I don't charge more just because it is a wedding.  A trial makeup application is also a $100 and usually takes longer than the day of the wedding.  Please call us for a quote for an on location wedding services.

Bridal Beauty Advice

A bride should look like herself the day of her wedding.  It is not a day to experiment with something you have never worn before.  You want to look like yourself, just a little more special for the day.  You want your fiance to recognize you as you walk down the isle and still remember the look forever.

Your makeup should be in balance with your hair and your dress.  One thing shouldn’t overplay the other.  I highly recommend having a trial for your makeup and your hair on the same day, and if possible, a dress fitting as well.  This way you can see the big picture.  That is a true trial.

Airbrush makeup is the best for your wedding day.Shaina Bride

  • It is smudge proof and water resistant.
  • It wears up to 12 hours without the need of touchup.
  • If you tear or cry, it will dry right back to its original state.
  • It leaves a poreless matte finish on the face which makes it ideal for your pictures and video.

Questions your makeup artist should be asking you on the day of your trial:

  1. Is your wedding indoors or out doors?
  2. Are your pictures going to be in black and white, color or both?
  3. What are the colors of your wedding?

These questions are often overlooked by many makeup artists.  The answers can affect how your makeup will react to certain types of lighting under different circumstance.

The Bottom Line:

 It is your day and whatever you want should be!


"On my daughter’s wedding day, when we wanted to look our best, Donna Kelly took away all anxiety about our appearance. Her skillful make-up application made us feel beautiful, confident, and ready to shine. Twelve hours later, we were still looking fresh and put together. Even my mother-of-the bride’s tears didn’t streak or remove my make-up. Thanks Donna, because of your talent we had one less thing to worry about."


"Just wanted to tell you how much I loved what you did!!!! I have had a past of self esteem issues and have been better since I got married. Anyway, I felt like a million bucks and can't tell you how many comments I received that evening about how good I looked. Thanks again!!!!"