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233 Peruvian Ave
House of Kahn Via
Palm Beach, FL  33480

(561) 814-8147

Welcome to The Brow Academy
Donna Kelly Makeup 233 Peruvian Ave, Palm Beach, FL  33480  (561) 814-8147

Class Monday August 20th & Tuesday August 21st.

Become A Master Brow Artist

Increase your earning potential and stay up to date with the latest brow techniques and styles

Donna Kelly is a Master Brow Artist with studios in Florida and California. She started her career in Los Angeles and had over a three month waiting list just for eyebrows.  In Florida, she can see as many as 90 clients in a week.  Learn from the best and increase your earning potential.  

"You can't be a good makeup artist unless you know how to do a good eyebrow."

Donna is now offering to share her success with other professionals.  Whether you are a makeup artist, esthetician or cosmetologist.  Classes are now being offering in Palm Beach, FL.

"Brows are the most important brush stroke on the entire face."

Tweezing vs.
Waxing &

Learn why tweezing is the most accurate method for designing a good eyebrow.  You will also learn how to properly trim an eyebrow to flatter the natural hair growth direction.

Eye & Face Shapes

Learn how to design an eyebrow to flatter all eye and face shapes.  You can correct the appearance of wide set or close set eyes with a good brow shape.

Eyebrow Tinting

Learn how to tint the brows darker or lighter to match your clients hair color.

Please call us at 561-814-8147 or email with any questions you may have.

Class is a total of 4 1/2 hours each day for $550.00. Class starts at 11:00 both days.  Class size ranges from 4 to 6 students. Must be a licensed beauty professional.  You will leave with a Brow Manual as well as a brow kit which contains 4 brow powders, highlighter, brow pencil, tweezer, cuticle scissors and brow brushes.

First day consists of verbal and visual instruction.  Second day consists of hands on training.  Be prepared to work on each other.  If you are unavailable the second day, you may schedule another day and bring in 2 models of your own.